Fabric Shortage

New 2011 Linen and Furniture Price Increases

Year 2010 had some unusual obstacles in the availability of fabric and prices.  I am certain you are aware of the worldwide shortage of cotton. The demand was created in part by the downturn in our economy, from 2008-2009. Farmers in China, India, and Pakistan opted to plant other crops, instead of cotton, as western consumer spending declined.  Just when the price of cotton began to rise, and cotton planting resumed, massive floods destroyed a large percentage of the season’s crops before they could mature.

The resulting shortage has caused the price of this commodity to climb to its highest point since the Civil War, and each fabric order we have placed this year has been more expensive than the last. We are being cautioned by our vendors to expect this trend to continue in 2011.

Despite these difficulties, we have struggled to honor our 2010 prices through the end of this year, but you will see significant increases in our current linen pricing.  Our updated fabrics catalog has a wide range of colors, thread counts and fabric types to choose from but please note that some of the fabrics are in limited quantity and may not be available or become discontinued overnight!

Not only do we face increases in fabric prices but…..

Shipping costs have also increased with an increase in postage, shipping weight rates, and gas prices.  The state of Illinois (where almost all of our manufacturers are located) has increased several taxes for businesses and unfortunately there will also be an increase in our furniture.  We hope that these increases in prices will not deter our valued customers from buying high quality custom hand made furniture and custom linens from us.  Please keep business in the USA and not buy low quality furniture, linens or other products from overseas. If we can do this our cost might be able to be lowered over time!

Thank you for being our loyal and valued customers!

– The (CRANIUM) Design Team


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