How to choose a round bed

A Round Bed most certainly is not the traditional box spring and mattress.  There’s a certain element of flair, romance and avant garde skill to choosing a Round Bed.  First of all, it’s important that you have enough room to hold this piece of furniture.   The average Round Bed has a 7-foot diameter (84”) platform holding an 80” mattress. Don’t make the mistake of placing your Round Bed too small or too large for your  bedroom, because the result will look silly and unattractive.


Round Bed vs Standard rectangular bed:  A rectangular bed actually takes up more space than a round bed.  A rectangular bed has sharp corners a round bed has no hard corners to bump or cause problems.  A rectangular bed has less sleeping area, a round bed has more sleeping area.

Example: King standard rectangle bed/mattress has 42.2 sq. ft. sleeping area vs. Round  8’or 96”  bed/mattress has 46.2 sq. ft. sleeping area.  A round bed has 10% more usable area; it is taller and wider than a rectangle bed and takes up less space.  For 1 person, it feels slightly larger than a standard king.  For 2 people, it feels slightly smaller than a standard king.

General Platform sizing  (Mattress  is 4” Smaller)
Standard Twin                   75”T x  38”W
Round Twin                     76” Diameters
Standard Double                74”T x 54”W
Round Double                 80” Diameters 
Standard Queen                 80”T x 60”W
Round Queen                  84” Diameters 
Standard King                    80”T x 76”W
Round King                     87” Diameters 
Standard Cal-King            78”T x 84”W
Round Cal-King             96” Diameters
There are several custom furniture manufacturers who will scale your round bed to fit your room to scale.

When choosing a Round Bed, you must also be willing to spend a bit more on getting appropriate bedding for this style of bed; traditional full, queen or king sized sheets won’t work on this mattress. Finding blankets and comforters to fit the round shape is not challenging for a custom round bed linen and bedding manufacturer who exclusively specializes in a Round Bed One-Stop-Shop, offering everything and anything imaginable..

Many couples whose master bedroom showcases dramatic outside views through picture glass windows favor round beds because of the 360 degree viewpoint the bed offers.  Add a Round Bed to a bedroom with a large screen TV and fireplace, and you have all the makings of a bachelor pad.  Your Round Bed can be placed in the center of your room “floated”, showcased by centering on a step-up platform, positioned on an angle “room corner”.  This dream  can be rotating, stationary or swivel.

A Round Bed can be used without a formal headboard when it’s positioned in the center of the room under the main light fixture or a romantic-looking chandelier.  Unlike the traditional bed which takes two pillows at the head, the round bed encourages a more free-form sleeping environment and pillows of several different shapes and sizes can be set atop the bed to help the round bed function as a gigantic lounging space.  Your Round Bed can be placed in your entertainment area or room or used as a sofa..use your imagination!

Round Beds can be custom-ordered to come on a revolving platform  or swivel so that the bed can turn to look out the windows from any angle without having to move your body once sitting or sleeping on the bed.  Specially designed curved headboards can be added, along with such special amenities as concealed lighting that will illuminate the headboard as well as the baseboard of the bed.

Instead of using a traditional foam or innerspring round beds can be special ordered to use a water mattress, harkening back to the preferences of the 1960s when round beds were really in vogue.  Cranium Furniture offers thirteen (13) mattress’s and four (4) mattress toppers only.

Many satisfied owners of round beds and our very own Sercio Round Bed swear they provide a more comfortable sleeping experience. And many round bed and (Cranium) Furniture Sercio Round Bed owners like the fact that they are inviting to use as a relaxing lounge space any time of the day or night.  Young adults love the round bed and our Sercio Round Bed for “sleep-overs”!  How cool is that?

Just think how wonderful it would be to come home and sprawl on your bed without fear of falling off! Because they are less common and don’t fit in corners or along walls quite as conveniently, the thought of buying a round bed usually never occurs, or is disregarded immediately. There are a few factors to consider before disregarding a Round Bed: Your bedroom is your personal living room there isn’t anything more important to fill the space, and when it really comes down to it, a circle is better for love-making.

First, your bedroom is your personal living room. The living room is the place where family gathers, friends visit, and guests are entertained. It is the show-off room of the house. Everyone sees it and a good amount of time are spent in it. Your bedroom as well is a place where much time is spent, but guess what – no one sees it but you. It is your own place to entertain, watch TV, relax, and express yourself. So why decorate traditionally? Why stick to the normal square bed when you could have a round one?

Second, think about what goes in a bedroom. A chest of drawers, a shelf, a lamp, a mirror, a bedside table and…a bed! Honestly, which of those furnishings is most important to have in a bedroom? The bed, of course…why else would it be called the Bed-Room? Many scruples over the round bed are that it takes up too much space which is to the contrary and what item is more used than the bed?

Last, a Round Bed is better for love-making. In the excitement, physical barriers sometimes get fuzzed and falling off of an edge could be an unpleasant interruption. Why take the chance? Because of its widening sides and rounded edges, falling off is easier to prevent and there seems to be more room to explore.  Pillow-toss anyone?

If you enjoy a large amount of room for sleeping and don’t mind the space in your room being used mainly as a haven for relaxation then the round bed is definitely for you!

Hugh Hefner has one at the Playboy Mansion.  So do countless hotels and Hollywood stars who favor the unconventional. Many hotel and motel chains make these available as an incentive for people to stay, Caesars’ in Las Vegas has had round mattresses for years.  Round beds have always been something of a novelty, but with a furniture manufacturer like Cranium offering them as an affordable bedding option why not take a chance!

With the launch of our website in 2007 we were confronted by the ever so popular tv show hosted by Ty PenningtonExtreme Makeover: Home Edition contacted Cranium Furniture asking for our exclusive Sercio Round Bed. This was aired on October 27, 2007. We have seen an influx of client interest in buying the round beds, that classic 1950’s style is coming back and gaining in popularity once again.

We understand a round bed may not be everyone’s ideal style but if you are into the more modern, Italian, contemporary furniture style we offer a full line of platform beds and custom furniture to match.


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