Does your dog snore? We can help!

“When most of us talk to our dogs, we tend to forget they’re not people.”   -Julia Glass

As a family company we have a soft spot for our love of animals, especially dogs.  Our golden lab, Max, doesn’t like to have his picture taken so we found other dogs enjoying the luxury of their own personal round beds.  Max is going on 4 years old and we have spoiled him rotten.  He has his own personal round bed which has been stuffed with more filling to provide him with only the top of the line comfort.  It only seemed right as we are in the business of providing top quality round beds for our clients, why not do the same for man’s best friend.  (Even though we all know Max favors the women of the family).

For our casual Friday we thought it was only appropriate to share this article we came across.

Dogs and their snoring problems.  

Does your spouse keep you up at night because of their awful snoring?  Or maybe it’s your dog that is keeping you up until 4AM every night…. Fun fact: Dogs snore for many of the same reasons humans do.

I’m sure you’re thinking “You are crazy! There is no way!” Au contraire…. Some of the main causes of our furry friends snoring problems stem from airway obstructions and obesity.  The first step is to admit your dog has a snoring problem in order to resolve the issue at hand.  Start off by sitting down with your dog, take him by the paw and tell him “Rufus, you have a snoring problem.” He may wrinkle his forehead, cock it to the side and look at you with his  “I have no idea what you are talking about..” eyes.

By doing a little sleuthing with some help from your veterinarian, us, and we can help you with 5 easy steps to cure your dog of snoring. 

  1. Diagnose the problem.

    A vet can tell you if your dog is overweight, but you probably already know. You should be able to feel, but not see, your dog’s rib structure if you put your hands around his middle. If your dog is physically fit, he might be dealing with a physiological issue, such as a pug’s shortened, compressed nose, or an allergy issue, which can be as simple as hay fever or a dietary problem

  2. Get him a new bed.

    Have your dog sleep in a round bed. Just like humans, dogs snore more when they are on their backs. A round bed will encourage your dog to sleep curled up on her side

  3. Deal with allergies.

    Sometimes a dog can get congested because of allergies. These might be seasonal allergies, just like the ones that a human might get during pollen season, or they might be food allergies. Start giving your dog all-natural, organic food, and change his bedding in case he has developed an allergy to that. If you begin to notice that the snoring comes and goes by season, keep the dog indoors during his allergy season, or purchase an air purifier with a HEPA filter for your home.

  4. Exercise your dog daily.

    A dog that gets daily walks is far more likely to have a healthier respiratory system and less likely to be overweight.

  5. Avoid smoking around your dog.

    Just as with infants and children, second-hand smoke can give your dog permanent and serious respiratory problems, and can increase the risk of her having asthma, allergies and chronic snoring issues.

And voilà! We have successfully cured your dog of snoring The next step is convicing your significant other that they have a snoring problem… we can’t help you there (or can we…).  If a round bed helps your dog sleep better and reduce their snoring, why wouldn’t that work for you?

On the other hand…. investing in a personalized round dog bed for our buddy Max was not enough.  He is a high class dog who finds comfort in sleeping on silk pillows and his own personal couch.  Sigh… the things we let our loved ones get away with.  But how could anyone possibly scold that sweet, innocent face?

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