Emily’s Entourage

On April 7, 2011, Emily Beazley’s life was forever changed when she was diagnosed with Stage III T-Cell Lymphoblastic Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, the most aggressive form of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Emily has been courageously fighting her battle this past year with many hospital stays. With the support of family, friends, and the entire community, Emily will win this fight! Unfortunately, Emily will have a lifetime of medical costs to cover follow-up care. Emily was 8 years old at the time of diagnosis. She will endure 30 months of chemotherapy treatments that include nightly chemo pills, injections of chemo into her spine, legs and port, and many scans. This treatment is tough on her little body. About two-thirds of childhood cancer survivors will develop at least one late effect sometime in their lifetimes. With early diagnosis and proper follow-up care, many late effects can be treated or cured.  Learn how you can help Emily and her family here: http://www.emilysentourage.com/

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