Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – The Carter Family

Are you an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition junkie? Then you probably remember the Carter Family in Billings, Montana  (Season 5, Episode 2 -Aired 10/21/07)  living in a refurbished chicken coupe. Cranium Furniture, previously Glober Furniture, decided that we wanted to help make this little girls dream come true.  When Extreme Makeover contacted us and told us their design plans for her bedroom we were humbled that they wanted OUR ROUND BED to be featured! We custom made her round bed mattress with extra love and support to provide her with what she needed.  After hearing about what this family has gone through we were moved to tears.  Her reaction was just what we had hoped for. We pray for her family and others suffering from this horrible disorder called Chiari Malformation.

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About the Carter Family and why they were selected

Julie Carter suffers from a genetic disorder known as Chiari Malformation, as does her 21-year-old daughter, Jade. She fears her other two daughters may have it as well. Julie and Jade have had several brain surgeries costing over $500,000. This condition has over 85 symptoms — which makes it very easy to misdiagnose — and causes depression and chronic fatigue. Julie has made it her passion to spread awareness of the rare disorder and has become a hero to thousands. She writes a monthly newsletter to Chiari patients, providing them support, compassion and valuable information, which she assembles and distributes with her own money. She also started Chiari People of Montana, a support group. With her success, she was recently asked to run the first Chiari Malformation chapter in Billings. This is a bittersweet honor, since her makeshift office is hardly suitable for getting out her newsletters.

Julie is so consumed with helping others that she rarely thinks of her own living situation — which is a refurbished chicken coup — but the astronomical medical bills are a regular reminder that there’s little chance their house will ever be fixed. From the outside their home looks like a long warehouse; the exterior walls are buckling and some of the windows are cracked, which makes it tough in the brutal Montana winter. They’ve made the best of the interior, but the cracks in the floor and the unusable space makes heating the place expensive. It’s now up to the design team to get this family out of the chicken coop and into a healthy house, and to reward this selfless mother with a state of the art facility where she can run the Billings chapter of Chiari. While Ty and the designers, local builder Jeff Junkert Construction, Inc. and hundreds of volunteers and workers are rebuilding their home, the Carter family will go on vacation at the Hilton Times Square in New York City. (Source: abc.com)

Check out her daughters reaction when she walked in to her brand new room for the first time: http://www.craniumfurniture.com/press.asp. The transformation from their beat up chicken coup to the gorgeous new home is incredible.  The volunteers and the entire Extreme Makevoer team did an amazing job.

*The Before and After pictures have been removed as it has been brought to our attention that ABC showed the wrong “before” photo of what the Carter family’s home really looked like previously.*

3 thoughts on “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – The Carter Family

  1. Hi, I realize this is very old news, & we got used to reading & seeing a lot of misinformation about our family, our situation & what really happened, but this one I am going to address. The image you are showing of our “before” home is/was not our home; that bldg. is the back of our neighbors junk shack. Not even his garage, just a run down old building that was once an actual Worm Farm. Thanks for your kind words however, it was nice of you to write up the story.

    • Thank you for letting us know! We were unaware of this! We had donated the round bed for your daughter but had no idea that ABC was not being truthful about what your original home looked like. We hope you are enjoying your new home and still enjoying the round bed!!

      • Hi, we stopped trying to correct all the misinformation after a short while, there was just too much & it just,kept coming. I was just showing my hubby the photo & he informed me that that particular Before image of our home was actually not even on our property at all. In your other photos in your slideshow there are pictures of what once was our warehouse/home – It’s the long maroon bldg. behind the 50 year old trees they are pulling up by the roots. There was also never a facility, but an extra room for an in-home office. Anyway, not important now I guess. Facts are not always important when news is being dispersed, we found out. The round bed was spectacular, thank you, that was very sweet of you. No worries. P.S. I have no idea who sent that pic as our before, I am going to believe it was a mistake otherwise I’ll be losing more sleep. The past is past. Take care.

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