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Custom Mirror Collection

Create a Feeling of Space

It’s so easy to create a feeling of space with mirrors. Simply hang them cleverly and your rooms will look bigger, brighter and much more inviting. Check out the following ideas and give us a call us; we can help provide a “mirrored” solution to small cramped rooms.  Hanging generously sized mirrors opposite each other creates endless reflections making small and often windowless rooms seem larger, lighter and more appealing. If you try this look in a bathroom keep the area opposite the commode mirror-free.

Double the effect by positioning a mirror opposite or beside furniture. This will improve your room’s proportions instantly and make it seem much larger. If it is a seating area, position the mirrors so that you won’t be staring at your own reflection. When selecting a mirror for your room, think big! The bigger the mirror, the more light it can reflect.

Mirrored closet doors work wonders in a bedroom, especially if it is over-crowded with furniture, but don’t limit them to bedrooms. They are a simple, practical way to create a feeling of spaciousness in any room.

Highlight a Feature

Emphasize a dazzling light fixture, a fabulous painting or a sculpture by positioning a mirror on an  opposite wall. It’s like framing your fine-looking possessions. In this picture, notice how a mirror has been hung opposite a sparkling light fixture, reflecting its beauty and light.

Always pay attention to what the mirrors reflect as you hang them on your  walls. Propping the mirror on the wall of the fireplace may reflect the ceiling or the floor – not necessarily a pretty sight for the centerpiece of your living room.

Accent a Feature

Let the simple clean lines of a uniquely, shaped unframed mirror accent your sink vessels or furniture. At Charlottesville Glass and Mirror we can cut most shapes and sizes that will achieve the perfect, stunning look to any room in your home.

Mirrors from traditional to contemporary designs can be incorporated into your decor as long as they complement your design styles. They can be the focal point of a room or used to compliment an arrangement. Pay attention to the reflected view; a simple adjustment to the angle or height of the mirror can make the difference between the ceiling, floor or something unattractive being reflected or a pleasant view through a window or favorite item in the room. Therefore the right style and strategic placement and positioning of your mirror will make decorating with mirrors a rewarding venture.

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