A Quick Hop Over the Pond

Ever think to yourself.. “Self, what would it be like to sleep in a round bed”  Well, we have the answer for you! Before you go out and get round bed we have put a list of hotels around the world that have round beds for you to try out for a night, weekend or longer!  I’m sure you are now thinking “Self, a round bed in a hotel must mean it’s pretty sleazy.  I wouldn’t want to be caught there!”  Not a problem.  Yes, we agree that there are many hotels featuring the round bed are not 5 star worthy, but we have a full list of hotels that may meet your high class requirements.

We will be posting several articles on hotels featuring the classic round bed.  Please note that we are not getting paid to promote this hotel in any way, nor have we ever traveled outside of the US and actually stayed here.  All photos are from the Portobello Hotel website.  We are dreamers and love to see the round bed in classy hotels. The information provided below is directly from the hotel’s website, reviews and our comments here and there.

Come take a trip with us to London. Lets spend a night at the Portobello Hotel in the quaint town of Notting Hill.

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22 Stanley Gardens, London W11 2NG



The Hotel

On a quiet street in Notting Hill, stands this converted neo-classical mansion. It hardly looks like a hotel, yet it enjoys a worldwide reputation as the most exclusive hideaway hotel in London. For close to a half of a century, it has played host to the world of music, show business and fashion, great names have made it their second home.  The Portobello Hotel was founded in 1971, by Tim and Cathy Herring, designed by Julie Hodgess and is run by managing partner Johnny Ekperigin, along with the equally famous Julie’s restaurant.

It is known for being “hippie-ish”, “laid-back” and the stuff of rock ‘n roll legends.  Regular hotel residents include film directors, musicians, models and artists.  After all, it is located in Notting Hill.

The Room To Book: Room 16

As the Portobello Hotel’s most famous room an 8ft round bed located in the center of the room is so striking that apparently Robbin Williams tried to buy it (obviously he had a good time).  Above it hangs a Moroccan lantern and muslin curtains creating an atmosphere of Eastern mystery and romance.  The room also has an original Victorian Bathing Machine close to the bed.  This beautiful antique bath has copper pipes, sprays and showers.

(Rumor has it this is where Johnny Depp and Kate Moss are said to have filled bath up with champagne.)   The round room, as its known, has a small sitting area with the latest flat screen TV with freeview channels and balcony overlooking the pretty gardens.  There is also a separate dressing area and modern shower room.  This is our most romantic room and particularly popular with honeymooners.

Reserve a room here: www.portobello-hotel.co.uk and learn more about what other amenities are available at this beautiful hotel.

Happy travels to our fellow dreamers.  If you have or plan on staying at this hotel please let us know how your stay was! This is on our list of places to visit!

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