NEW PRODUCT: Michele MaxCoolGel Round Mattress

Gel Mattress


Once popular in the 1970’s, round mattresses have recently made their way into the 21st Century. Our 10″ MaxCoolGel Foam Round Mattress is perfect for those looking for the high quality iComfort or Tempurpedic type comfort, but as a factory direct price.

Cooler Sleeping Comfort layer

  • The gel memory foam is the first mattress of it’s kind to use gel infused visco elastic memory foam. Gel foam keeps you 1-2 degrees cooler compared to traditional memory foam. It also has superior durability, has faster recovery times, and better air flow ratings.
  • The quilted cover regulates your body core temperature to keep you cooler and wicks away body perspiration better than most natural fibers like Cotton or Bamboo.
  • Channels are cut into the cradle air flow foam allowing for air to circulate through the middle of your mattress to keep you cool.

Cradles Your Body and Relieves Pressure Points

  • The soy visco transition layer located below the cool gel infused memory foam is a smooth transition soy memory foam layer. Our smooth transition memory foam is designed to contour around the individual shape of your body and ease you into the support layer of the mattress giving you maximum giving you maximum pressure point relief. The transition layer promotes anatomic alignment and gives you proper support around the hip and shoulder area of your back.

Heavy Duty Support

  • Our heavy duty support foam is 20% denser than competing support foams resulting in longer durability, faster recovery times, and highter weight limitations. This mattress is designed to support up to two adults each weighing 250lbs.

Virtually Eliminates Motion Transfer

  • Our gel and visco foams are designed to insulate you from motion transfer. If one person gets out of the side of the mattress the other person doesn’t feel it


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