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Are you looking for something unique, one of a kind, sleek, exceptional, exquisite, stunning, sexy, elegant, high-end, lustrous and durable? Then you have most certainly found it! Just tell us your requirements as we are able to accommodate most non-standard requests. Cranium Furniture proudly manufactures its luxurious products in the United States. We offer the highest quality furniture and soft home accessories using handpicked fabrics from around the globe. Our exclusive team provides a wide variety of products that will add sophistication to any home décor.

Think of us as your your ultra-clean contemporary / modern European styling furniture source – including our ever popular Sercio Abacca Round Bed (featured on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition).

Cranium Furniture is a producer of bedroom, dining room, entertainment room, office and accessories. Cranium is one of the last remaining major, privately-owned furniture manufacturers in the United States. It is not a part of any conglomerate nor does it experience either absentee or long-distance management. Its proprietors are also principals in the business, leading a group all of whom assume a personal as well as professional responsibility for the design, manufacture and distribution of this quality furniture throughout the United State and Europe. Pride of craftsmanship is everywhere evident in Cranium’s products which normally are carefree, trouble-free and a source of long-term satisfaction to consumers.

We provide our customers with sample furniture boards to show the quality and detail that go into every piece of hand made furniture.  We offer an infinite number of finishes including but not limited to:

Acrylic – colored and painted finish in ANY color
Upholstered – Fabric or Leather Upholstery
Stone-Like Laminate – Granite, Marble or Travertine
Glass-Like – Clear or Colored
Metal – Bright, Brushed, Matte or Textured
Wood – Acrylic, Natural, Stained, Buffed, Lacquered, Exotic
Mirrored – Plain, Beveled, or Design
Surface – Solid, Textured, Abstract, Smooth, Matte or Gloss

All of our finishes are used with only high quality, durable products.  It is not your typical “laminate” furniture finish.  This finish is beautifully crafted and carefully handled by our craftsmen to insure that from start to finish the shine remains on the furniture until delivery.  We provide our customers with samples of any finish they would like to show them the quality products that Cranium Furniture uses.When it comes to our furniture collections, we offer an infinite number of finishes. For each piece’s accent metal trim, choose from 2 metal finishes.

You won’t find our products in retail stores or mass marketed catalogs. We build each piece by hand, one at a time, made to order by dedicated craftspeople, who share a common goal: to produce top quality hand crafted and finished furniture and maintain the high level of integrity. Our mission is to do things differently a new alternative for architects, interior designers, and individuals looking for very cool modern, contemporary furniture that exudes a stronger and more luxurious statement.

Thinking custom contemporary furniture? Think (CRANIUM) Furniture  your “must have” acquisition for today’s lifestyles. Considered an essential ingredient for the modern home, invaluable for making your distinct statement of individual style and taste. Luxury for customers that are special, both in taste and in their willingness to spend a little bit more.

Our commitment to you is to provide only the best in quality and value, complimented with impeccable service!

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