Our custom high-end hand made furniture line was established over 60 years ago which led to the launch in 2007  product line to be available exclusively to the public. We specialize as the only “one-stop-shop” for Round Beds world wide offering unique, trendy, modern custom furniture, round beds, round bed sheets, comforters, mattresses, and hard to find bedding.

We are a high‐end American furniture manufacturing company, creating each piece individually that brings forward an exclusive unique design collection of sculptural pieces, elegance in character and refined in the treatment of material and many finishes while specializing in an infinite choice of finish options. We offer a sophisticated blend of unique furnishings that include all the elements of ultra contemporary, modern design décor, scale, elegance, form, function and design.

Our company focus is European, modern “Italian” style type furniture with a contemporary appeal.  Each order is custom crafted and artistically designed meeting our customer’s needs and specifications.  We offer an infinite choice of finishes from a painted acrylic to metal to even a stone-like finish.  We are your one stop shop for all your custom round bed needs.  Each piece of furniture is hand made in the USA with superior state-of-the- art craftsmanship and computer controlled machinery to insure each piece is made efficiently and with the highest quality materials available. In 2009 Cranium introduced the Movamento, our first rotating round bed. Our high end quality custom furniture is not available in stores!  Cranium launched their first e-commerce website in September 2009 and is working on rebranding the company image by January 2010.

We offers several collections of round and platform beds available as well as a wide selection of complementary accent pieces.  We are your one stop shop for all round bed and standard bed accessories including custom mattresses, comforters, bed skirts, duvet covers and a wide range of linen selections.  Need a sample of fabric? Curious on how smooth the furniture will feel with the acrylic color finish? Want to know what colors to choose from for your custom order? Ask our friendly furniture consultant about our “sample bundle” available before you place your order.  We pride ourselves on customer service so please let us know what we can do for you and we will make it happen.  Design your own custom one of a kind furniture piece with us.

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