Designer Directory

Sign up for our online Designer Directory. If you are an Interior Decorator this is a great tool to have to get your name out there on the internet.  Customers looking for an interior decorator can also search our extensive database for a designer near by!

Every web site submitted to this directory is reviewed by human eyes to ensure the quality of the site being submitted meets our submission guidelines.

Please ensure your business type falls under at least on of the following categories to be considered in our directory: Furniture Store, Home Accent Store, Commercial Contract Firm, Department Store, Hotel, B&B, Hospitality, Garden Center, Nursery, Interior Designer, Interior Decorator, Interior Design Firm, Gift Specialty Store, Model Home Specifier.

Your listing will not show in our directory immediately! Please allow at least 24 hours for the review process to take effect. Your submission must be reviewed and approved. So please do not try to resubmit.

Sign up Online!  Only $79.99 for a One Year Subscription!

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