Sneak Peek: SGLinen Silk Bedding Collection

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Sneak Peek: SGLinen Bedding Collection – Silks Available for Round Beds, Platform Beds and Standard Beds

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Sneak Peek: Custom Mirrors Collection

Wall Hung Mirrors Collection

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Why a round bed?

With a round bed you can add your sense of style – and a dash of fun – to any bedroom. Our round beds playful shape and modern contemporary flair is enhanced by a custom sized mattress and exquisite styling. The Sercio Colelction round bed sits 11” off the ground, atop the custom platform. Beneath the platform is a sturdy round bed base, available in a finish of your choice.  All of our finishes are used with only high quality, durable products.  It is not your typical “laminate” furniture finish.  This finish is beautifully crafted and carefully handled by our craftsmen to insure that from start to finish the shine remains on the furniture until delivery.  We provide our customers with samples of any finish they would like to show them the quality products that Cranium Furniture uses.

Question: Would you ever buy a round bed?